Privacy Policy

Dear User,

We make every effort in numerous ways to protect information security on our site, including:

  • System identification
    Entering the system is possible only with a user name and personal password, which you choose yourself, or which is sent to you by the system through personal SMS or email.

  • Preventing entry after failed login attempts
    Your account will be locked for entry after five failed attempts to log in, in order to prevent others from breaking into your account.

  • Automatic disconnection following inactive period
    In the event you are logged in but do not take any action for ten minutes, the system will automatically log you out.

  • Information security checks
    Routine system security checks are regularly carried out on the entire system and its components by specialists in the field.

Rules for safe surfing:

Successful operation and maintaining the privacy of your details depends on the user taking a number of basic steps.
  • When choosing a password, be sure to define a quality password. Avoid choosing a simple password such as date of birth, spouse’s name, etc.
  • Your password is personal and secret; do not share it with anyone.
  • When you’re finished using the system, log out completely from the system by clicking the “Exit system” button and closing the browser window.
  • Ensure that before the URL, the letters “https” appear, which indicate that the connection is secure, meaning that information sent from the client’s computer to the business’s system is encrypted.
  • Be sure to install system protection software, such as antivirus programs, firewall, and antispam filters. These measures significantly reduce the chances that you’ll get fake email messages (phishing).
  • Be careful to use system protection software from a well-known developer.
  • In the event that the computer is used to share files in any manner, it is best to be certain that sensitive details are not stored on it.

-Privacy Policy-
The operator implements on this site systems and procedures for information security. While these systems and procedures reduce the chances of unauthorized infiltration, they cannot provide total security. Therefore, the operator does not voice that its services will be completely free from unauthorized access to the information stored upon them. From time to time, the operator assesses the site’s information security and carries out modifications and upgrades on an as-needed basis, in order to guard the level of information security on the site.
From time to time, the operator may change its privacy policy instructions. In the event that significant changes occur to this privacy policy which involve the use of personal information you have provided, a message will notify users of such changes on the home page.