Ask. In order to make the right decision !

Review is an employee referral inquiry system that assists managers, human resources staff and recruiters to make the right decisions during hiring and relocating employees.

Previous employers, managers or coworkers take part in a professional and structured inquiry, evaluation and feedback. Thus allowing real exposure to the applicant's experience and quality.

To receive recommendations for candidates

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Unique procedure

The Review network was developed by psychologists and specialists with many years of experience in the field of recruitment and placement.


All the system users must sign a declaration obligating them in all respects to the truth of the information provided by them.

Complete confidentiality

All information about applicants and references is confidential and the recommendations are intended for potential employers only.

Efficiency and convenience

Valid information is received quickly and easily. Licenses are independently purchased and self-managed.

How does it work?

• You register as a new employer to start using the network. This is a quick process for choosing a user name and password.

• The applicants' references are entered into the system, or the applicant is requested to provide his/her references' information.

• Invite references to the site to complete a designated, structured and valid recommendation questionnaire.

• You receive an in-depth, qualitative report for each reference separately, in addition to a summary report of all of the recommendations received. The reports include valuable information: details of the average results, the concentration of free text responses, comparative information, and a comprehensive analysis of the findings to evaluate the recommendation.

• The system is managed through a personal dashboard, from which you can easily browse to all the system's options: to add new candidates, find existing candidates, to view the recommendations and reports, to update the info and so on.

שלב שני, הזנת ממליצים

Applicant types names of references

שלב ראשון, הזנת מועמדים

Employer enters and records applicants

שלב שלישי, ממליצים ממלאים הערכה

Referrers complete an evaluation of the applicant

שלב רביעי, קבלת פידבק

Employer receives quality and in-depth feedback on the applicant

Advantages of REVIEW

Short application process.

A user friendly system to operate and manage information, at any time and any place.

System to remind and notify users. Gives warnings and sends email and text messages at real time.

Valid and reliable information.

Reaching multiple references simultaneously.

Saving time, resources and costs.

Detailed reports with all pertinent information which are the decision support tools.